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I've always felt the need to draw, decorate and redecorate, and move furniture- ask my mom!  Luckily she was a good sport and indulged me in my passion for making spaces feel and look good.  I knew from an early age I would be a designer or artist, but it wasn't until 1999 that I discovered the cabinet industry was a perfect match for me.  Not only could I help customers visualize their new kitchen or bathroom using design software, but I could truly help them accomplish their vision!


My design approach has always been from a place of wanting to know how my clients want to use their spaces.  I also have some techniques I use to tap into the energy of the family, the home, and even the location-adding another layer of depth to the finished outcome.  It's important to me that my clients feel heard in all aspects of a project.  I wanted to bring in materials that suit the needs of every style and price point.  I will continue to update the selections. 

 My specialties are: Cabinet design, space planning, pre-construction plan review, computer aided and hand rendering to help clients visualize their updated space. 


My hope is to help you achieve a beautiful &  functional space with the style and budget that is unique to you!

Sarah Sullivan 

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